Dear visitor,

Welcome to our website! Your visit means that you have taken the first step because you already know that digitalisation is impacting your company. Closing your eyes is not an option if you want to remain on the road to success.

Baden-Württemberg has already made considerable progress in ‘Industry 4.0’. But we also want to be a pioneer and lead supplier in other industries. Digitalisation offers tremendous opportunities for new products, innovative processes and attractive business models for the crafts, commerce, hospitality and services sectors. The future of our federal state depends on how well these challenges are mastered.

Our ‘’ portal is one of many activities as part of our ‘Initiative Wirtschaft 4.0 Baden-Württemberg’ [Business 4.0 Initiative of Baden-Württemberg]. The portal is designed to help you to use the opportunities that networking has to offer. Here you can find a concise presentation of all the relevant facts, support programmes and contact persons for the digitalisation of the economy. This includes links to more detailed information, relevant events as well as examples of best practices. Several access routes are available, i.e. via the industry, via topics or via target groups.

One step at a time: I wish you lots of patience, perseverance and every success during the process of change. And we would be thrilled to receive your feedback because the further development of our web presence is an ongoing process.

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