Feasibility Study for an Artificial Intelligence Innovation Park in Baden-Württemberg

AI - Made in Baden-Württemberg. The state government pursues artificial intelligence (AI) made in Baden-Württemberg of national and international reputation and global success. To that end, the government is currently examining whether building a world-class AI Innovation Park in Baden-Württemberg with governmental support is feasible.

The innovation park offers a great opportunity to strengthen Baden-Württemberg as a location for value creation in the field of AI and to create a place where the continuous development of new ideas can flourish. With this park, the government plans to build an innovation and value-added creation centre for AI-based products and services and to make a substantial contribution to the commercialisation of AI made in Baden-Württemberg. The park could not only lead the way to Baden-Württemberg using AI-based products and services on a larger scale but also to transform the state into an important global supplier. Baden-Württemberg already has an outstanding research landscape in the field of AI.

The idea is that the design of the AI Innovation Park is geared to the interests of all national and international AI stakeholders: established companies, start-ups, researches, experts and investors. It offers optimal innovation and location conditions, necessary space, advanced infrastructure and test fields for AI products and AI services. The park should be able to compete but also to cooperate with other large scale innovation parks. It would also be the ideal place for companies, start-ups and researchers aiming to develop disruptive innovations, as it would provide the necessary space and technology as well as a suitable ecosystem. Furthermore, the AI Innovation Park would cooperate closely with all other AI hotspots in Baden-Württemberg.

The AI Innovation Park would aim at becoming an attraction for AI talents. Furthermore, it could play a vital role in setting standards in terms of sustainability and climate protection as well as in helping to solve societal challenges. It would be a place where the future is shaped.

As far as possible, the park would aim to map the entire AI value chain - from qualification and research to commercialisation and application. The AI Innovation Park could potentially be of great interest for companies, start-ups and research players that have not yet established themselves in Baden-Württemberg. It could be realised with initial funding support by the state but it is planned to become economically independent in the long run.

In order to determine whether an AI Innovation Park, with all its opportunities and risks, can be realised as an effective and internationally perceived value creation centre and ecosystem for AI innovations, the state government has commissioned a feasibility study.

The feasibility study will take into account a great range of factors from a number of different fields, such as needed space, infrastructure, technical goals and requirements, sustainable financing, reliable business models or possible project implementation plans. The study will also evaluate whether it could economically make more sense to realize a world-class innovation park with two locations. The study will further assess which areas of AI bear the greatest potentials in value creation, market and growth on a national and international scale.

The study was commissioned through a competitive bidding process. Further information on this procedure can be found on the website of the Deutsche eVergabe (information only available in German). In December 2019, the contract for the feasibility study was awarded to CBRE GmbH. The feasibility study is now underway and is scheduled for completion in 2020.


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