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  • Implementation

    The final step of a company’s digitalisation journey

    Successful digitalisation of a company requires strategic planning and long-term thinking. Three basic steps are useful here, i.e. orientation, strategy and implementation.

    This process first identifies the available financial and time-related resources as well as the area with the most urgent need for digitalisation measures. The second step analyses the optimum IT products and service providers for the company. The third and, for the time being, last step is the integration of new systems and processes.

    Service offers, support programmes or other advisory services are available in order to support companies on their digital journey.

    The implementation phase

    Once the strategy is in place, implementation can start right away. During the final phase, precise coordination of internal and external services is vital so that the project can be implemented as planned. Even if a small-scale digitalisation measure is to be implemented at a company, an employee should be appointed project owner in order to accurately monitor the steps. During the implementation phase, adequate information for employees and coordination are necessary with regard to the changes taking place at the company. If customers, service providers and suppliers are also to benefit from the measure, they must also be informed and involved in due time. 

    Planning and controlling

    Unforeseeable events or deviations from plans are possible even with good time management and project controlling. This should not be forgotten when terminating contracts or shutting down existing equipment. One way to minimise risks is, for instance, parallel operation of old and new systems for a limited period of time.

    Regular controlling after measuring the success of the measure is also important. This is a step where external support is often advisable. At this point, the digital pilots can help by giving concrete recommendations for IT services.