The state of Baden-Württemberg focuses on smart technologies

Baden-Württemberg was the first federal state in Germany to launch a comprehensive digitization strategy. In order to remain a leading global industrial location, the state is placing particular emphasis on smart technologies. To this end, the state government has set priorities in 2019 as part of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy. AI is key technology for value creation in the future. Overall, there are three main areas within the strategy: basic research, a business-oriented AI research program and the Action Plan “AI for SMEs”.

Driving the commercialization of AI

With the Action Plan “AI for SMEs", the Ministry of Economic Affairs wants to quickly promote the application and commercialization of AI in SMEs across all sectors. To achieve these goals, lighthouse projects with international appeal are planned, measures to familiarize SMEs with the numerous opportunities of AI are conducted, as well as, the creation of entirely new AI companies is encouraged. This includes the following measures: Regional AI Labs, AI Innovation Competition, Innovation Park AI, AI Champions BW or the Innovation Platform AI.