Digitalisation is changing the way we live and work, and it is transforming the way we consume and communicate. These enormous changes are posing entirely new challenges for business and society.
As the federal state government, we therefore ask ourselves how we can shape this change to benefit our citizens and our state. How can we protect jobs? How can we communicate to young people the right way to handle digital challenges and the skills they need for this? And how can we leverage our state’s strength in a manner to make Baden-Württemberg a leading digital region?
The government of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg has therefore declared digitalisation to be one of its key fields of action. Under the ‘digital@bw’ umbrella brand, the federal state government bundles all digitalisation activities of the federal state under the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior, Digitalisation and Migration. The federal state government has developed the digital strategy with all relevant stakeholders from business, academia and society. Up until the end of April 2017, numerous participation and networking formats were held at all ministries of the federal state.