On behalf of the state government, represented by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of the State of Baden-Württemberg, CBRE GmbH is examining the feasibility of an "Innovation Park for Artificial Intelligence (AI)" in Baden-Württemberg. The feasibility study was commissioned in January 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Main objective of the feasibility study is to provide a basis for deciding whether an AI Innovation Park can be realised in Baden-Württemberg and which spatial, infrastructural and technical requirements have to be considered. The AI Innovation Park is intended to strengthen the innovation dynamics in the region in the long run as well as to represent an attractive location for national and international companies, start-ups, research institutions and AI talents. It aims to represent the entire AI value chain, from qualification and research to commercialisation and application.

The feasibility study is meant to identify potential areas in Baden-Württemberg for an AI Innovation Park and provide information about the success factors that must be given for an innovation park in "world-class” format. In addition, the study includes proposals for viable business and financing models for an AI Innovation Park as well as criteria on how a fair site selection procedure could be set up. Finally, the study provides recommendations for further steps as well as a procedural model for establishing an AI Innovation Park in Baden-Württemberg in a meaningful way, thereby strengthening the brand "AI made in BW" internationally.

In the first step, CBRE conducts interviews with relevant regional, national and international stakeholders and experts. During the interviews, success factors and requirements for an Innovation Park will be identified and highlighted. The interviews are scheduled for the period 10 February - 31 March and will be conducted and subsequently evaluated by CBRE.

Are you interested in participating in an interview as a surveyed stakeholder or expert? You are more than welcome to contact us at: innovationspark-ki.badenwuerttemberg @ cbre.com.