The region surrounding Stuttgart is one of the most important business centres in Germany. Not least with their ability to always remain open to innovations, small and medium-sized leaders of global markets as well as established corporations have made the city famous around the world. The Digital Hub Stuttgart continues this tradition and connects the startup culture with companies from the region. It facilitates access to capital for founders and enables companies to access international talent. The continued success of industry sectors based in Stuttgart will largely depend upon the integration of external concepts.




  • Stuttgart


Special focus

  • Smart Products
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobility



  • Networking of relevant actors in the „Future Industries“ sector
  • Alignment and commissioning of events in the "Future Industries" area
  • Offering of eductaion services
  • Councelling and scientific advice in digitalisiation topics
  • Cross-company projects for the development of digital solutions in the "Future Industries" area



  • Innovation Labs
  • Event Spaces
  • Makerspace