In order to determine whether an AI Innovation Park, with all its opportunities and risks, can be realised as an effective and internationally perceived value creation centre and ecosystem for AI innovations, the state government has commissioned a feasibility study.

The feasibility study will take into account a great range of factors from a number of different fields, such as needed space, infrastructure, technical goals and requirements, sustainable financing, reliable business models or possible project implementation plans. The study will also evaluate whether it could economically make more sense to realize a world-class innovation park with two locations. The study will further assess which areas of AI bear the greatest potentials in value creation, market and growth on a national and international scale.

The study was commissioned through a competitive bidding process. Further information on this procedure can be found on the website of the Deutsche eVergabe (information only available in German). In December 2019, the contract for the feasibility study was awarded to CBRE GmbH. The feasibility study is now underway and is scheduled for completion in 2020.